Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Post-Partum Anxiety Treatment Plan

::breathe in::

Yesterday I saw a psychiatrist and worked out a plan for dealing with my post-partum anxiety.

::breathe out::

After I recounted all of my symptoms (which I'll describe in more detail at a later date) and family history, she told me that the things I'm experiencing are classic symptoms of anxiety. Our plan includes weekly sessions to discuss relaxation mechanisms and coping techniques and a low dose selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). Yes, I had to type that all the way out because in my former life as a pharmacy technician it was my favorite class of drugs. Why? I have no idea...maybe because I filled prescriptions for them so often? :( Or maybe I just had a thing for that sad little pink ball who turns happy after taking one? (Anyone remember that commercial?) But I digress...sorry ;)

She put me on Zoloft which according to many sources is the "safest" for breastfeeding. However, she recommended that I pump for the first minute of each feed (before letting Aurelia nurse) and dump that first milk, which will have the highest concentration of the medication in it. Has anyone ever heard of doing this?

Say what, doc?
My self-imposed homework this week is to try to cut stressors out of my life so we are tackling the last of the boxes we still haven't unpacked from our move last year (yikes!) because CAN'T STAND CLUTTER and I'm gravitating away from blog posts that require me to post at a certain time (sponsored posts and Toddle Along Tuesday). Deadlines just aren't a good idea for me right now. I have to follow through with the sponsored posts I've already committed to, but won't be accepting any new ones. TAT will still go on as planned next week and we'll have one more the week after, but then there will be a break for I'm not sure how long. I hope you understand :)

Please bear with me as I start the journey to {hopefully} feeling better. Thanks for your support  <3

P.S. Part of me feels a little embarrassed announcing to the interwebz that I'm seeing a psychiatrist and am now on medication. Despite how far we've come, there is still so much of a stigma surrounding mental health issues in our society. If I can help even one person out there realize they need help or that they're not alone it's all worth it to me.

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