Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mom Skills I've Mastered

Having two kids under the age of 2 for a few months was not ever always a walk in the park. Attempting to meet the needs of two little ones -- in addition to your own -- can be mentally and physically exhausting.

But? There are obvious plus sides, of basking in sweet sweet baby snuggles and toddler hugs simultaneously. And the fact that they will eventually (hopefully) be each other's BFFs {they better be!} There are some lesser known pluses as well. Namely, the awesome skillz that you'll develop that you didn't even know existed...

Things I've Mastered with 2 Under 2

1. Juggling baby while changing a diaper

When Aurelia was still a tiny newborn that refused to be put down, many of her naps were snug in the Moby wrap. It seemed like putting her in the wrap was the bat call for Carina to take an epic dump. I tried to lift her up to the changing table a few times but it just wasn't happening. So I broke out the changing pad from the diaper bag and managed to take care of it on the floor in front of me. Other than a few moments of Aurelia dangling precariously over Carina, it was a success. "Bye bye turds!" (as Carina says), and baby still asleep.

2. Silent dishwasher emptying

Aurelia is super sensitive to sound and even dishes clanking against each other can wake her up. I know that she'll have to learn to sleep through noise eventually, but for now? MOMMA NEEDS BABY TO NAP. Emptying the dishwasher takes twice as long as it used to because I opt for slow and silent over quick and loud, but I'm getting better at it. 

3. Nursing while cooking

Some days the little miss wants to eat constantly. Since Momma has to eat, too, breastfeeding while cooking/preparing food has become a necessity for me. Luckily, my nursing pillow can tighten around my body with Velcro so snugly that I am able to walk around in the kitchen and have one hand free to slather my bread with a giant glob of Nutella. I have also managed to make Macaroni and Cheese and Quesadillas (OMG I'm awesome!) all while nursing the babe.

4. One handed typing

When the wee one is sleeping on my chest, I often hop onto the computer to catch up on blogs or attempt to blog myself. More often than not, one arm is positioned under the baby leaving me with just one free hand with which to type. I've become a pro. I can churn out a couple of paragraphs in no time with only five fingers. This also comes in handy at nighttime when Momma's got a glass of wine in the other hand... ;)

5. Marathon peeing

The first few times I used the restroom when both kids were in the living room by themselves I would hear a loud, ominous THUD mid-stream. I'd have to shimmy out of the bathroom pants-down to make sure that Carina hadn't drop kicked the baby. I adapted to the situation and am now proud (proud? okay maybe not proud...embarrassed?) to admit that I can pee at lightning speed. No more leisurely bathroom breaks here when I'm home and both kids are awake.

I've even peed WITH the baby sleeping in the Ergo. ENVY ME.
If these were Olympic events I would totally win gold, yo. Definitely. What skills you never knew you needed have you developed since becoming a Mom?

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