Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Aurelia's Baptism & Carina's 2nd Birthday!

On December 30th Aurelia was welcomed into the Church.

What is so special about this particular church and even this particular baptismal font, is that Mike was baptized in the exact same one, about 29 years ago. He even wore the exact same dress.
Just like her sister did almost 2 years ago, Aurelia slept through most of the ceremony, only waking when water was poured over her head. Carina, however, yelled and fussed throughout it. My Mother-in-law had to walk around the Church with her in order to keep her quiet. Apparently she tried to climb into the tabernacle. I wasn't surprised.

We were also married here, right before the altar above. It goes without saying that the St. Thomas of Villanova Church on Villanova University's campus is really special to us.

Us, Aurelia, and her Godparents
Since we only come to town a few times a year, we decided {rather last-minute} to combine the reception following Aurelia's christening with a birthday party for Carina. Due to time getting away from us and my worsening anxiety, my grand plans for a Tangled theme with elaborate decorations went out the window.

But, we did go all out on the cake. I had my friend Tracy from my Mom's group construct these multiple tiers of deliciousness. Chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling and pink fondant circle bricks that WERE ADDICTIVE. I kid you not...we brought the rest of the cake home with us and I picked almost every little fondant circle off (or tore it off in chunks) and shoved it in my piehole.

Sleepy birthday girl missed her nap
Blowing out her candle
Last April I introduced you to Baby Beau & Belle, designers of fine christening gowns and baby garments, by asking what outfit you liked best for the new baby. Since we decided to use Mike's family's heirloom christening gown, Baby Beau & Belle sent a party dress for Carina! Here she is in the Madison Toddler Dress. Handmade in the USA, the Madison dress is made of navy silk dupioni with a white lace overlay, white silk satin ribbon bow, and white silk covered buttons in back.

Carina looked so beautiful in this dress; and she agreed! When I showed her herself in the mirror she exclaimed, "Carina pretty!" The dress is very well made and has such a high attention to detail. The best part is that it will fit her for quite some time (it's size 2T) and someday will be passed down to Aurelia. Maybe she can wear it for her 2nd Birthday...ha, if my chunky chunk will fit in it ;) Check out Baby Beau & Belle on Twitter, Facebook, and their new blog!

She wouldn't stand still or look at the camera long enough for me to get any good photos...but at least you can see how she spent the bulk of the party. She is obsessed with the princess figurines I bought for the sole purpose of adorning her birthday cake. Who knew they would end up being her favorite gift ;)

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