Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More Mom confessions

Sharing my sometimes embarrassing and often really effing weird confessions with you makes me feel less alone in the world. Why? Because most of the time at least one of you will divulge that you've done the same thing or you'll encourage me to embrace my crazy ;)

-Before I put Carina down for a nap I read her a handful of books. On a really rough day, I'll skip a few pages here and there to save time. She doesn't seem to notice but it makes me feel like the laziest parent ever.

-I love doing laundry -- especially baby laundry -- but hate putting clean clothes away. Three days later, I just {finally} stashed the mountain of clothes sitting at the foot of our bed where they belong. And that was only because I tripped over it while getting out of the shower.

-I'm addicted to buying cute Disney princess things for Carina. We got a surprisingly huge tax return and while we saved 90% of it, I cannot deny that I blew $200 at the Disney Store buying play sets and dolls and random other clearance items (I couldn't say no to $3 Tinkerbell flatware). I've only given her a few of the things so far. I'll save the rest for rainy days or special occasions.

-I compulsively pick the lint out of the space between Aurelia's fingers, toes, and wrist roll. As much as the grimy hands gross me out, I also love them. I even wrote an ode to Carina's way back when...

-When Carina doesn't finish something tasty like a donut or a cookie, I swipe it. I've also been known to finish her lunch or dinner on occasion...even if I'm not hungry. I hate wasting food.

CONFESS something. You know you want to ;)

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