Monday, April 1, 2013


I did it again. I had so much fun on Easter that I forgot to take pictures.

No photos of the girls with their Easter baskets. No picture of Carina ransacking the the communal family basket of candy and chocolate (yes, that happened..."CARINA EATA BIG CHOCOLATE! BIG CHOCOLATE!") No permanent record of the feast my Mother-in-law prepared which included lamb, ham, eggplant parmesan, 5 quiches, cassata, and more...there was so much I'm forgetting it all.

But we did remember to {attempt to} take a few family photos. These never seem to go well for us.

Poor Jasmine is getting strangled
So I shifted my focus to the girls.

No more pictures, Mom!

Carina wouldn't stand still for photos once again, but I did manage to get one of her in her pretty dress. P.S. Does anyone have any advice on how to get her to tolerate a headband, clip, or bow? She used to love them, now she pulls them out after 5 seconds. Maybe it's just time for a haircut...

This girl gives me baby fever {again} on a daily basis. I might need an intervention.

Earlier in the day, my Mother-in-law and I ran out to Mass (Mike had gone the night before to play music), leaving the girls with him, his brother, Dad, and his sister's boyfriend. Right before the Our Father I got this text:
Ha. Glad I missed that one. Apparently after she "EATA BIG CHOCOLATE" she had a major sugar crash.

How was your Easter?

This week's Toddle Along Tuesday topic is Easter! Photos, recap, whatever you like. Anything Easter (or Spring) related. There are no rules here, except that you link up a relevant post (old or new) rather than your whole blog.

Next week's topic will be Dad Confessions! We did Mom Confessions once, and it was awesome. What could possibly be more awesome? You guessed it, Dad Confessions. Mike will be guest posting for this one! If you can't convince your man to actually write the post, ask him what some of his confessions would be and transcribe! Or? I bet you have a few things you could write about on his behalf, without him even knowing about it ;)

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