Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Intervention no longer needed: a change of plans

When Mike began his Post-Doctoral fellowship at Yale in December of 2011, the plan was to stay here in Connecticut until December of this year or Summer of 2014. After a long chat with his boss, they've decided he will stay on longer than originally anticipated, likely until the Summer of 2015.

What does this mean for us? Well, I mentioned recently that we had planned on waiting until Mike is finished here to grow our family. But Summer 2015 is over 2 years away, and I've already put going back to school on hold for 6 years...so the longer we wait to complete our family, the further away I am from being able to pursue my career. I'm feeling so much better (re: my anxiety) and? Well, I've got the fever. So we're going to let what happens happen.

Since Mike will be getting another raise at the end of the year, and we got a much-larger-than-anticipated tax refund (and adjusted his withholding accordingly), we're in an okay place financially. The only thing that could be problematic is space; we're still in a 2 bedroom apartment. We considered the possibility of moving to a larger place, but it just doesn't make sense right now. Worst case (like, if I got pregnant today...which isn't happening) we would have three little ones in one bedroom for a year. Not the end of the world, right? I'm sure we could figure it out somehow. If I'm going crazy 2 years from now because we have 3 kids in 1 room and it's hell - I give you my permission to remind me of this post.

Friends, the only cure to this fever is MOAR BABIES.

And yes, we might be crazy.

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