Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I never thought I'd see the day

When I was a teenager, I thanked my lucky stars that my parents didn't have a Minivan. I was never forced to drive up to the Mall in shame, hiding down below the steering wheel of a soccer Mom mobile, praying that no one I knew would see me. I felt sorry for my high school boyfriend whose only choice was to take his parents' Dodge Caravan around to his sports games, friends' houses, and even to pick me up for dates -- or stay home.

I vowed to never EVER EVER drive a Minivan. No way, no how.

Now, after:
  • multiple trips to visit family where we've left stuff behind because we couldn't fit it in our station wagon
  • having to lean over the car seat and dangle a boob to satisfy a hungry screaming baby
  • resorting to changing a stinky diaper in the passenger seat while the baby {on the changing pad} slowly slipped down the leather seat
  • our decision to have more babies

Oh how I want to roll around in the backseat and inhale the new car smell. I'm currently salivating over how much space we would have.

We've been researching them and are contemplating trading in our current car for one before baby #3 arrives (whenever that may be). Or, we might need one it looks like I might have a job interview in the works (umm...eek?!) I'll keep you posted.

So...Minivan Moms unite! Who has one? What kind, and do you love it?

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