Thursday, April 4, 2013

Blogging about blogging (sorry!)

I read two blog posts earlier this week (here and here) that really spoke to me. They prompted me to rethink some of my procedures when it comes to blogging, social media, and sponsorship.

As a result of some reflection in the wake of these posts, I will be following suit and will no longer accept sponsorship from bloggers. It's not that I don't love reading blogs (because I do) or sharing posts I enjoy (again, I do), it's that I want to tweet/link/share/promote posts because I enjoyed them, not because someone paid me to. I certainly don't judge or think ill of anyone else who promotes other bloggers in exchange for money, it just isn't what I want to do anymore. I'll share when I read something that I think is awesome...and I won't expect anything in return.

If you are a blogger and currently have an ad with me, it will remain until the end of your term. This is just a from here on out change. In lieu of charging, I've opened swap spots once again. If you're interested in swapping ads on our blog sidebars for one month, head to my Sponsor page. I'll also be resurrecting my Blog Roll (which needs an update, badly...sorry) for blogs that I regularly read and love.

I've also made some changes to my ad packages, including lowering prices slightly and morphing my monthly sponsor post into a group giveaway (note: no changes will be made for existing sponsors).

I think this is a step in the right direction for me. I've made some blogging decisions in the past that {in retrospect} I'm not proud of or didn't sit well with me for whatever reason. I hope you'll bear with me as I continue to try to figure out what's right for my little geeky corner of the interwebs :)

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