Sunday, July 21, 2013


Oh my.

::dusts off cobwebs::

It's been a while.

My computer died about two weeks ago, and then something funny happened - or didn't happen. I never felt any sense of urgency to go buy a new one. Had my computer given up on life 6 Months ago, I would have run out immediately to pick up a replacement because I couldn't have lived without a big screen and a keyboard at my fingertips.

Now, many a night I am too tired from work, playing with the girls, and cleaning up the house that I don't even get a chance to turn on my computer. So the fact that I didn't have one for a couple weeks was no big deal. Until I realized I forgot to pay some of our bills...oops.

Finally, yesterday, I joined the dark side. After almost 18 years using only PCs, I now have a Mac. My brand new MacBook Pro is perched on my lap and it's the perfect size and the track pad is awesome (I haven't even needed to attach my mouse yet!) and the mail program lets me see my 3 different e-mail accounts in one window. I'm in love ::humps computer::

But can we talk a little more about the fact that my computer hiatus made me realize how addicted to the internet I used to be? I tried to break myself from it once and to be truthful, I didn't have much luck. I was dependent upon social media for a long time, more so than I want to admit to myself. I checked my blog stats multiple times a day, stressing if they were lower than average. I took to Twitter for conversations rather than talking with my husband, who was sitting right next to me on the couch. I followed Carina around with my phone, getting frustrated when I couldn't snap the perfect photo of her to post on Instagram.


This became too big of a part of my life. I didn't like the Mom, wife, or me it had turned me into.

So I've made a conscious effort to limit computer time and as evidenced by the 2 week break, I'm succeeding. I don't intend to abandon this blog as I still love to write and very much want to continue to do it, I've just managed to extricate myself from the pressure I was feeling to post/tweet/update multiple times a day. I haven't checked my stats in weeks. I'm lucky if I make it on Twitter or Instagram once every few days.

And we're all better off...

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