Sunday, August 4, 2013

Big girl changes

Hey there. Got any wine? Ha, who am I amount of alcohol could ameliorate this level of exhaustion.

So what else would be extra mop, maybe? Better yet, a tried and true way to keep your toddler in bed? Oooh or -- who wants to come over Saturday morning at 6 AM when the girls wake up so Mike and I can get some sleep for the first time in for-freaking-ever?

Saturday morning we ditched diapers. It's been messy and frustrating but ultimately, pleasantly surprising. We've let Carina run around bottomless for most of the last 48 hours and with her peepee in the potty prior to bedtime just now, we've got more hits than misses on the weekend. And luckily for all of us {and our hardwood floors}, there has not yet been any ploppage outside of the potty.

With each successful potty encounter we give her a handful of chocolate chips and dance (or, shake my butt embarrassingly) to our made-up potty song. No joke, it's "peepee in the potty" over and over to the tune of Wade in the Water. Yep, I just shook my head at myself, too.

Then we put a "Way to go!" magnet on Carina's little chart. Except she must be the only kid on the planet who would rather take the magnets off and put them back with all the rest. When I put one in the brand new "Peepee on Potty" row she yells "no!" and takes it off. So, despite the fact that none are displayed below, she has been successful 8 times so far. Fingers crossed for continued wins.

Sad lonely magnet chart
We thought that turning her crib into a toddler bed should go hand in hand, so that if she feels the need to get up at night to pee, she'll be able to. Before her nap on Saturday we took off the front panel of the crib and hoped for the best. She LOVES her "big girl" bed but we decidedly aren't fans at this point. She won't stay in it. Or go to sleep.

Right now it's 9 PM and she's still awake. Every 20 minutes or so we'll hear her turning the door knob and/or calling out to us. And here she is on cue, doing it again. Last night she wasn't asleep until just before 10 PM. That wasn't all...shortly after midnight she strolled into our room and jumped up into bed with us. I think we were too tired to bring her back at that point.

I'm so proud of our little girl and am so glad she's happy with her big girl changes but OMG TIRED. Did you go through this? How did you get your little one to stay in bed? Momma (and Daddydoo) need some sleep. STAT.

Oh, and send wine.

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