Saturday, July 27, 2013

So guilty of 2nd child syndrome

With Carina, I was *almost* perfect. Each of her milestones celebrated in great detail with pictures (and often videos) adorn the pages of this blog. Her monthly posts include sections about her size, favorite toys, and pictures with seasonal clip art proudly displaying how many months old she is. Multiple professional photos of her smiling face hang on the walls of our home.

Poor Aurelia is getting the shaft. I managed to squeak through her first 6 monthly posts before succumbing to what I {rather unaffectionately} refer to as my full-time-working-Mommy-brain. I mean to do these things, and I want to do them, but I just never get around to it. It's a combination of forgetting and not having the time, and quite possibly probably a dash of laziness. I have remembered to take some of the photos (like below -- from three months ago, ha!) but her 7 Month post never happened. And now I'd feel silly doing one since she's 10 Months, but these are too cute to not at least share.

The 8, 9, and 10 Month stickers sit unused in my camera bag and every time I see them I feel a pang of guilt. Is it too late to just slap them all on her right now and take a few pictures?

You've come so far since your 6 Month post.  Tooth #7 is coming in (Carina only had two at this age!) and you can say Mama and Dada pretty clearly. You babble constantly; your favorite sound seems to be "heh" and depending upon the inflection it can mean a host of different things from "I'm so happy!" to "OMGSTOPTHATRIGHTNOW!" to "please give me your pancake".

At your 9 Month appointment earlier in July you were 18 lbs. 8 oz. and 28 inches, if Daddy is remembering correctly. You're sharing size 4 diapers with big sis and are mostly in 12-18 Month clothes. Although you are wearing some random 12 Month, 24 Month, and even 2T clothes. We use Carina's and your pajamas interchangeably most of the time. You'll wear it one day, and then {after washing, of course} she'll wear it the next. I'm having visions of fights over clothes during your teenage years ;)

Unlike your sister, you eat anything and everything imaginable. You out-eat Carina at most meals, favoring avocado spread on toast and spaghetti. Much to our delight (and dismay at the same time!) you began crawling just yesterday...and off you went. It's time to baby proof all over again. Our favorite milestones include "SO BIG!" which involves raising your arms high up in the air when we ask how big Aurelia is, and clapping on cue. You get so excited when we ask you to clap.

I'm going to try to get better about this, love. I want there to be as many pictures and videos of you in existence and I want you to feel that we celebrated your milestones and accomplishments as much as we did your sister's. We love you so much and have the best of intentions.

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