Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Recent happenings & parenting truths

Our lives are all over the place right now. We have no idea if I'll have a job 6 weeks from now or even where we'll be living in 6 Months. It's hard for me to cope with this degree of uncertainty, having been a super type-A compulsive planner my entire life, but I'm slowly learning to adapt. Marrying a relaxed type-B with an often and indefinitely unpredictable schedule has been a good lesson in patience and going with the flow. When my work plans became just as up in the air as his -- if not more -- it really threw me for a loop. Fingers crossed I hear back from my boss regarding a remote position that may have just opened up...

Oh yeah, I think I forgot to mention (until the previous paragraph) that we won't be renewing our lease on January 1st. We have completely outgrown our 2 bedroom apartment. It looks like a toddler tornado tore through our entire living space on a daily basis and we've had to move Aurelia back into our room so they don't continue to wake each other up during the night. We are desperate for sleep and for our bedroom back. Now that Mike has decided that he'll be applying for positions for the Fall of 2015, we realize it's too long to stay here and deal with it. So apartment hunting we will go. On our wish list are at least 3 bedrooms, preferably 4 (or 3 + an office or finished basement) and in-unit laundry.

And now for something completely different.

This week's parenting truths:

The moment you're thinking about how brilliant your baby is will be the moment she shovels a handful of cat food into her mouth.

Having only one toilet in your house while potty training results in 1. many long minutes of frustration and 2. super awesome kegel muscle control.

Speculating about the possibility of {someday} having a baby brother or another baby sister around a 2 year old is a bad idea: "MOMMY I WANNA BABY BRUDDER!"

Okay, Carina. We'll get right on that ;)

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