Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The eyes say it all

I swear my child can communicate her thoughts and feelings with one glance, or glare.

With furrowed brows, or wide, bright eyes.

They themselves smile or laugh, or simply say "enough, Mom".

These were all taken at my parents house on Easter. I think a few of them make quite a funny contrast to the oh-so-happy and excited pictures of the Easter Egg Hunt the same day.

Does your little one have a signature look or glare? Carina's furrowed brows have become legendary within our families ;)

6 words of geekdom:

Anonymous said...

Emma does the same furrowed brow look...she's been doing it since the day she was born :)

Unknown said...

She's definitely got the glare down. :)

Unknown said...

Ha! That last picture is priceless.

KC Squared said...

Does it count if I think my dog can communicate that way (since we are kid-less right now!)? :)

She's too cute!

molly said...

What a pretty girl. Brigham's eyes are very expressive. I can always tell when he's getting a crazy idea in his head ;)

Sarah @ Vol Family Life said...

Yes! My Evie furrows her brows when she's pissed! It's hilarious. Also since she was born, she pokes her lower lip out and it quivers just before she pitches a big fit. Cracks me up! Carina is such a doll -- you guys really made one seriously beautiful little girl!

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