Friday, June 1, 2012

A peek into our living room!

Back when we first moved to Connecticut in December, I promised I would post pictures of our new apartment, which is the 1st floor of an 100+ year old home. I guess I got a bit sidetracked, because I just realized it never happened! When I saw that Kelly at Kelly's Korner is beginning a series where everyone shows off the rooms in their house, I figured it would be the perfect time to hide all the ridiculous baby mess get my act together and take some photos.

So to start - here's our living room!

There are hardwood floors, dark wood window frames, and wood trim all around, including the door to the foyer. This is the first place in which I've lived during my adult life that has hardwood floors everywhere. I'm trying to get used to how often I have to vacuum to keep it clean ;)

Please ignore the mess out in the foyer. It's currently our dumping ground for anything and everything that we still haven't unpacked or found a permanent home for yet. You can see Carina's old bouncer peeking into the picture, on the right. Currently it's serving as a container for all of her musical toys. In a few months I'm sure we'll need it again for the new baby!

Yep, that's a seahorse statue on the end table on the left, behind one of our engagement photos. On the other end table is the trusty old computer; that's where it usually resides. We should probably get a desk or something. And? I should really get a replacement keyboard since it's been almost 10 months since Carina spilled coffee on my computer and rendered the keyboard useless...

Love our stained glass window. Almost every house on our old New England street has one in the exact same place. Ours is flanked by two photos: one from when we were first dating, and one from our wedding. We had our wedding guests sign the mats at our wedding reception.

Peek-a-boo! Lots of toys under the coffee table. These are usually strewn about the floor, rather than lined up neatly ;)

More rooms to come later in the month! Crap, that means I should probably clean them, doesn't it?

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