Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Side effect of weaning: I'm in binky hell

Prior to weaning Carina, for the most part we restricted binky usage to naps, nighttime, and long car rides. We never had an issue with taking it out of her mouth when it was time for her to be done with it. Until now, of course.

Since she decided she no longer wanted to nurse, she has deemed binky her new best friend and wants it in her mouth round the clock. Try to take it out? Cue hysterical screaming fit. Hide it? She won't stop looking for that bad boy until she finds it herself - or you break down and give it back to her.

While she is only 18 Months and it certainly wouldn't be a big issue if we let her keep it for part of the day under normal circumstances, she WON'T FREAKING EAT when it's in. Failure to thrive + binky in mouth 24/7 = big, frustrating problem.

So today, we began day #1 of operation "binky stays in crib" because our tiny toddler needs to gain weight. So far? Lots of this:
And this:

Sidenote: No, these photos weren't taken today. I would be a cruel, cruel Mommy if I had taken pictures of her while in such utter distress. And? Those Cadbury Mini-Eggs in the back right corner of that bottom photo would definitely not have lasted this long past Easter ;)

So anyway, back to Binkygate: 2012. Needless to say, she has spent a lot of time in her crib today. Mike had some luck distracting her with dancing, and then her Super Why obsession paid off long enough for us to get dinner ready. Maybe we need to invest in a few new and exciting toys that will keep her mind off of her beloved binky's absence.

Did anyone experience something similar while weaning your little one from the binky? And/or what SUPER FUN toys can your toddler not get enough of lately? Momma needs all the help she can get, here. I almost gave in a few times today because I just couldn't handle the tears. And screaming. But mostly the screaming...I have quite the headache in its wake.

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