Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Surprise L&D Visit and our to-do list

Yesterday afternoon I got up off the couch and walked to the bathroom. As soon as I reached the hallway I began to feel dizzy. Really dizzy. My vision blurred not one, not two, but three times before I was able to safely sit down on the toilet.

I made it back to the couch and chugged a few glasses of water as I put my feet up and laid down. A couple hours later I was still feeling faint, flushed, and not like myself at all. I e-mailed Mike {since we lost his iPhone on Sunday and STILL haven't found it despite being 100% sure it's in our house} and he rushed home, observed that I did not look good, and encouraged me to call my OB.

To be safe, my OB wanted me to go to L&D to get checked out. So they strapped me up to monitors, checked my urine, and took my blood pressure a few times. Nothing was abnormal. Whew! They sent us home about an hour and a half later. A little shaken up, sure, but otherwise fine.

I have no idea what caused the dizziness and light headedness; I'm just glad it stopped. Despite being almost 38 weeks pregnant, I realized that we still aren't quite ready for this baby to come yet!

A few to-dos:
  1. Install the car seat. Not looking forward to how cramped our car is going to be, to be honest! Maybe it's time to start looking into a Minivan? (P.S. do you have one? Do you like it?)
  2. Wash Carina's old newborn and 0-3 size clothing. It has all been tucked away in a plastic bin, but I noticed that some of it is a lovely shade of spit-up yellow. Ugh. Hope it isn't actually stained...
  3. Clean pump and bottle parts. I won't need these right away, but we will be attending two weddings at maybe 3-4 weeks postpartum so I should probably at least have some ready to go. Carina helped me dig them out of storage (below), now they just need sterilized.
  4. Finish setting up baby central in our bedroom. Aurelia will be sleeping in our room in the Pack 'n Play for the first few months, so I need to make room for it and her other necessities - in other words, clear out the boxes that are still unpacked 9 months after our move. Oops.
"Helping Mommy!"
I can't believe how close we are. 2 under 2; here we come.

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