Monday, January 30, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things - 1 Year: Toys

It's been a long time since I've done a Monthly Favorite Things post. A number of you have been asking what toys Carina is currently enjoying, so I figured it would be a good thing to revisit. I'll follow up with a non-toys post next week.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Abacus: At this point, she just likes to bang on the abacus and make the beads spin. I hope it will continue to be fun for her as she grows. A while back I took some cute pictures of her playing with the abacus.
Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack: We've had this since she was 6 months old and she has just as much fun with it now as she did then. Recently she started actually putting the donuts on the stacker, instead of just sticking the donuts in her mouth lol

Fisher-Price Chase & Race Ramp: A friend of mine just gave this to Carina for her birthday. When we were at her house on a playdate, I remarked that I really liked all of her son's "boy" toys, and thought that Carina needed some (she has a few too many purse toys). It was so thoughtful of her to give this to Carina! And wow, she is in love with this toy. She dances when it plays music after the car goes through, and waves her arms up and down. Adorable.

USA Map Magic Wand Puzzle: I saw this puzzle a while back on Zulily and it instantly reminded me of the giant USA map on the blacktop of my elementary school back in Westborough, Massachusetts. I was a geography nut when I was younger, and I guessed {correctly} that Carina would have a lot of fun with this. At this point she pretty much just takes all of the pieces out and stick them in her mouth, or in other strange places. The Carolinas are currently missing hahaha. I took some cute pics of her playing with this a while ago, too.

Melissa & Doug Band in a Box: This was one of Carina's two Christmas gifts and she just can't get enough of it. She loves the maracas, the triangle, and the tambourine. She's just recently figured out how the cymbals work, too. Despite the loud noises that emanate from this toy, it is so much fun to play the instruments with her.
Fisher-Price Tea Set: Every morning Carina and I have a little tea party right before I get my actual coffee. She hands me one of the cups and "eats" the little cakes. We have been practicing "open" and "close" with the top of the teapot as well.

Sandra Boynton Board Books: These are a huge hit in our house. Carina picks one up, brings it over to me, hits in my lap, and I read it to her. Then, she gets up, goes and gets another, and comes back. We sometimes read four at a time, all in a row. I love our snuggly reading time.
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Storybook Rhymes: This toy is the only way we are able to make it through diaper changes sans screaming. I put it next to the changing pad and Carina watches in awe as I take care of her dirty diapers. When not mid-change, she likes to sway back and forth to some of the nursery rhymes.
Fisher-Price Baby's First Blocks: We've had this toy since before Carina was 6 months old and she's just beginning to understand how the blocks go in the different shape holes. Before, she would simply play with (or try to eat) the blocks, or just put them all in the bucket.

On the Night You Were Born: I quoted this book in Carina's Happy Birthday post. Every single time I read this book, I tear up while reading the last page. This book is so special, and so perfect, I think every child needs it.

What toys did your little one love at 1?


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Allison said...

We havd that last book. I love it too! We also like Sandra Boynton though I cant get AB to sit in my lap to read, she likes doing it herself :(

One of ABs favorite toys right now is this gumball machine. It came from Target & was a bday gift. I cant think of the brand but she loves the balls. We are also big fans of the FP refrigerator.

Great post!!

Mishu said...

I am going to buy that book that you referenced to help diaper changes. Hopefully that will help us out lol. We have pretty much the same favorites though, blocks, musical instruments, play (and real) food, stackers, cars and balls. You didn't mention balls but I think Carina will like bouncy balls... my DD will bounce them against the wall, wait for them to roll back, and repeat. It's so much fun for her!

Sweet Little Lovings said...

Aw, we love that last book too! I thought maybe I was the only 'sap' that cried while reading it! I'm glad to know I'm not! :o)

Sarah said...

Drew loves his Melissa and Doug train, but is currently obsessed with doors! Any door in the house and he's in heaven swinging it back and forth!

Mama B said...

Aww, a couple of those are Bella's favorites, too! She LOVES those stacking donuts. And, like Carina, only eats them as of right now. haha

I'm definitely going to have to find that world map puzzle! That's pretty awesome. :)

Unknown said...

We have several on the list as well: The FP blocks, the donut stacker, Sandra Boynton books, the abacus, and On the Night You Were Born (love!!) Band in a Box is at the top of my list for a birthday present.

Unlike Carina, though, all Nora does with her toys right now is put them in her mouth or throw them haphazardly about the living room. ;)

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