Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Introducing my BlogHer '12 sponsor: Simple Wishes!

I am so excited to be attending BlogHer '12 in New York city in just a few short weeks! I will get to meet some of my amazing bloggy friends for the first time, learn a lot from the sessions, stuff my face with amazing food (including McDonald's fries!) at the enumerable parties, and finally get to have some me-time. That's right; this will be the first time I have ever left Carina overnight - more to come on how I'm feeling about that later.

Without further ado I'd like to introduce one of the two fantastic companies who are helping me get to BlogHer: Simple Wishes!

After Carina was born, I planned on returning to work after my 12 weeks of maternity leave were over, and I was pumping daily in order to build up a freezer stash in preparation. I lamented the fact that I couldn't multitask while pumping. I felt {sort of} like a prisoner as I sat there holding the breast shields and bottles up against my chest for 20+ minutes at a time. And? Maybe I just have no stamina but my hands and arms got tired. It wasn't until a fellow new-Mom recommended the Simple Wishes hands free pumping bra that I felt like I could actually get something done while pumping.

Not me, but you get the idea. PS I'd love to work at my counter
When I returned to work part-time, and then progressed to full-time, the hands free pumping bra was absolutely invaluable for me. Instead of taking a 20 minute break 2-3 times a day to pump (which would add an hour to my work day, and mean one hour less to spend with my peanut), I could work while pumping! It took me just one minute to put on the bra and get all of the pump parts connected. I saved so much time - and frustration! My hands and arms were no longer tired and I didn't feel like a slave to the pump anymore.

After the new baby arrives, I will for sure be using my Simple Wishes hands free bustier again! I might even buy a second one if/when I return to work so I can leave one at home, as well. In my opinion it is definitely a must for anyone who will be pumping.

Comes in pink or black
More about Simple Wishes:
For every mother who has ever wished she could be in two places at once, that she had an extra set of hands, or just that she could manage her hectic schedule and still find time for herself, Simple Wishes is the simple solution she's been waiting for. 

Simple Wishes Bustier allows multi-tasking moms the chance to be more productive while they pump, or simply to take a breath and recapture a moment for themselves. Stylish and functional, and grounded in innovative, thoughtful design, the Bustier is an affordable and quality alternative to the fussy and unflattering hands free alternatives on the market.

Thank you so much to Simple Wishes for sponsoring me at BlogHer '12!
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