Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Toddle Along Tuesday - A peek into our play spaces

We're not completely done unpacking (and organizing) from our move quite yet, but we have managed to get a few play areas set up for Carina.

Our living room has been completely just a bit overtaken by toys. This view is from the foyer/entryway. The adorable Rockabye Bee {with its semi-craptastic music} is a new favorite, and the Bright Starts activity table almost never fails to entertain. Her new hobby is to take the balls that come with the table and slide them underneath our media center. Then she lies down on the floor, face touching the cold hardwood, to look at the balls which are probably lurking in a forest of dust bunnies (come on, who dusts underneath furniture?) Bottom right is our toy storage container which actually looks pretty empty today. It must have barfed toys all over the rest of our apartment. Oooh look there's a kitty on the chair, too.

Another view - looking towards the front of the house. The media center, complete with
a whole supply of toys hiding underneath. Carina's bouncer, which she used to "dance" in, is now relegated to the corner. Every now and then she likes to turn it on and listen to the music and watch the snow swirl around the polar bear snow globe. Her Anywhere Chair. ::sigh:: I am still waiting on the day she will sit in it happily. Right now she uses it to try to climb on the coffee table. That reminds me, I should move it...

Ok, you're probably judging me. It's the infantile Alcatraz, yet again. I thought I would only need it while we were packing for our move, but every time I bring Carina in the kitchen with me while I cook she makes a beeline for the cat food, electric cords, the oven, or our utensils, which are currently sitting on a low shelf because the container in which they are stored doesn't fit in any of our drawers. Clearly we need to get a new one, just haven't had the chance yet. So, because we all need to eat, Carina has to spend a little while each day in this tiny prison in our dining room. She is not a fan, and she lets us know it.

Part of Carina's room. Not ready to show you the whole thing yet - I've got a few more things to set up. So for now you'll have to settle for this corner ;) We set up her Jumperoo - which she is only using maybe once or twice a week at this point, and a small rug and some toys. We took the seat off of her command center and she likes it more than ever now. It usually occupies her for a few minutes while I pee. The toy box is a Luvs Size 4 Diaper box with an old twin size bed sheet wrapped around it. I'm klassy like that.

I would love to someday have a whole playroom full of toys and LOTS of cute and clever storage, but for now we are happy with what we have.

This week's Toddle Along Tuesday topic is playrooms or play spaces! Share photos of yours, or share what your dream playroom would look like! Link up an old post or a new post...whatever you'd like! There are no rules, except that you link up a relevant post rather than your whole blog.


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