Saturday, May 5, 2012

A thank you and "became frumpy mom turd"

Once again, while looking through Google Analytics and my Blogger stats a few days ago I couldn't help but crack up at some of the random, nonsensical, and simply bizarre things that people are searching for that somehow lead them to my blog. Some of them are just {way} beyond me. I'd like to share some with you but first, Carina and I would like to thank this month's top 5 blog referrers!

Top 5 Blog Referrers
Jenni at Jenni from the Blog
Kelly at Kelly's Korner
kjw at Baby W is on the Way
Caroline at Aidan with EOS
Ashley at The Stauffer Shenanigans 

10 Most Awesome Search Terms - (linked to the posts/pages they led to)
became frumpy mom turd
engagement butt grab
first sex was at Disney World
ladies unzipping before and after
pretty girls with stretchmarks
bitchy cat pic
girls sport without clothes
hooker skirt
when I grow up I'm going to eat your family (WTF?)

What hilarious or weird search terms have led people to your blog?
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