Sunday, January 1, 2012

My challenge to 2012

Despite a few frustrating downs, in all, 2011 was a year of amazing ups for my little family.

January started with a wee babe, just a few days old. Only three days in I greeted my 27th year with a full heart and nothing but hope for the rest of the year.

January 1st, 2011 - 4 days old
For 12 weeks I spent all day every day with you, our tiny little peanut...getting to know you and learning from you at the same time. I didn't want my maternity leave to end. Fortunately, my company let me work part-time for another 12 weeks. From the end of March until mid-June, M spent every morning with you while I was at work, and then he headed into lab as soon as I got home. We were both pretty tired, but it worked.

Reading with Daddy while Mommy was at work
You grew. And you grew and you grew. Slightly distraught, I went back to work full time on June 14th. You went on an eating strike with the Nanny, and really scared Mommy. There were a couple days during which you only drank a few ounces of breastmilk. I was so worried. I never spoke about it here on the blog; I guess I was embarrassed, although now looking back I have no idea why. Those two and a half months were so hard, and I was so happy when they finally came to an end. August 26th was my last day of work.

What? We can spend EVERY day together?
Staying home was harder than I thought it would be. I have to come to realize it was just a result of our situation at the time. Daddy was working 80+ hour weeks frantically trying to finish his thesis. I was spending most of my free time packing and preparing for our move. You started talking and crawling and got cuter and smarter by the day.

Yay! Daddy is done!
Then came M's graduation and our move. We left Wisconsin and are now getting settled in Connecticut. We are just a few hours from our family and friends now, instead of half a country away. We are already rejoicing in how close we are and how easy it is to travel to see those we love.

Merry Christmas!
I am sure you will continue to grow and amaze us each day. I can't wait to see what you {and 2012} have in store for us.

2012, I challenge you to be even better than 2011. Don't let me down.

What are your hopes for 2012?


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